Awana Club Grand Prix Racing or Scouting Pinewood Derby

General Information About Race Car Kits

Rules & Regulations

Your car must pass Our Race Car Rules & Regulations before being allowed to race. See Rules & Regulations

Spare Parts

Spare parts may be available.

Car Construction Hints

Side view of sample car

Top view of sample car

End view of sample car

The car plan shown is only to aid you. You may select a specific design from a magazine, brochure, newspaper, or design your own.

  1. Outline your car on the woodblock as shown from top, side, and end views.
  2. Whittle, saw, or carve the pine block to desired shape, keeping within racing rules specifications.
  3. Sand your car with medium-grade sandpaper.
  4. Add a coat of sealer to the car body.
  5. When the sealer is dry, add another coat of sealer to the car body.
  6. When the second coat of sealer is dry, sand your car with fine-grade sandpaper.
  7. Add a coat of paint to the car body.
  8. When the paint is dry, add another coat of paint to the car body.
  9. Insert metal axles into wheels.
  10. Add axles to bottom of car body.

Speed Competition

Judging of Design Competition

  • How unique is the entry?
  • Has the driver used their imagination to create something that that shows their personality and style?
  • How much thought went into choosing the design of the car?
  • How original is the design, compared to the other cars in that Age Division?
  • How well does the car resemble what it is meant to be?
    For example, a car that is meant to look like a pig should look like a pig, not just a pink car.
  • How well is the car constructed?
  • Does it look as though some thought and planning went in the construction? Consider shaping, sawing, carving, sanding, etc.
  • How well is the car painted? Consider smoothness, gloss, number of colors, quality of painted designs, etc.
  • Do the extras (such as decals, driver, pipes, lights, engine, or other accessories) enhance the appearance of the car?
Judge's Preference
  • How does the car compare with the other cars in that Age Division?
  • Does the workmanship fit the age for the car's driver?
  • Does it appear that the driver had a direct hand in constructing the car?

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